Do this, not that:
Kicking off a successful content marketing campaign


So, you’ve decided to partner with Amplify by Annex Business Media to incorporate sponsored content into your marketing strategy. Now what? As we dive into your campaign, keep these tips in mind.

Have a plan and set goals

Our purpose at Amplify is two-fold. Not only do we want our marketing partners to achieve campaign goals, but we also want our audiences to continue to view our brands as trustworthy resources. We value a collaborative approach, which means agreement on the campaign’s objectives before we put pen to paper.

During a kickoff meeting with the Amplify team, we’ll ask you to share details about the product or service you’d like to promote, as well as your key content objectives, your target audience, and your goals for the campaign. We’ll ask questions, make recommendations, and help you come up with measurements for success. We’ll check in with you along the way and follow up with metrics and results.

Make connections, not assumptions

Imagine you’re at a car dealership in search of a new vehicle. The salesperson comes out to see you and shows you a flashy two-seater convertible. It has all the bells and whistles and drives like a dream. The problem? You came in search of a minivan to accommodate your growing family.

As a marketer, you know that building a relationship with your client is imperative to closing a sale. In the hypothetical example above, the salesperson may have gained your business that day had they taken the time to get to know you. Consumers value authenticity and want to feel connected to a brand. Don’t assume you know what your reader needs. Prove that you understand what they’re up against, and you’ll form a long-lasting connection. Not sure where to start? We can help with that by leveraging our brand team’s industry knowledge and first-party data from our customer data platform.

Use subtlety, not shoutouts

When your company is ready to launch a new product or service, it’s tempting to want to shout it from the rooftops. There’s a time and place for that (check out our Book of Gizmos for some high-impact tactics) but it’s not in sponsored content. A solutions-focused approach shows you know your industry, and you care about their needs. Your branded content should speak to a problem your audience is facing and position your brand as part of the solution. Add value and context through expert interviews, third-party research and statistics, or customer case studies.

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