Amplify by Annex Business Media is a full-service custom content studio that pairs engaging, informative, and trustworthy content with engaged, informed, and trusted audiences. Yes, you read that right: when we combine our expert creators and curated audience with your valuable message, it’s a match made in content marketing heaven.

We’ll collaborate with you to create a custom content experience on whatever platform you choose. We’ll leverage our reach as Canada’s largest B2B publisher, curate your targeted audience and share a message that builds trust with your customers. We’ll use our expert storytelling skills to position your brand as a thought leader in the industry, displaying your message to our highly targeted audience. And of course, we’ll work with you to ensure a smooth process from start to finish.


Content marketing connects a precisely targeted audience with informative and consistent content. Through content marketing, publishers and their advertisers collaborate to deliver an engaging, relevant and valuable content experience through various platforms, including articles, blogs, whitepapers and reports, to a clearly defined audience.


Combined with a greater marketing strategy, content marketing drives real engagement, builds trust and cultivates relationships between marketers and their clients. Branded content is an effective and non-traditional means to generate brand awareness and extract high-quality leads from a targeted group of buyers.


Branded content is for motivated marketers who want to be a part of authentic conversations, showcase their brand values, and demonstrate leadership within their industry. Effective branded content can position your brand as an industry influencer and a trusted resource.


At Amplify, we’re big on building trust and fostering the relationship between you and your clients – our readers – and we take the lead from our brand teams, who have been doing just that for years. Our in-house team uses a journalistic approach to communicating your brand’s message. We dig deep into what keeps our readers up at night, and look for ways to help our audience improve their business. Through branded content, we’ll align your company as a part of the solution and meet your clients where they are, through a variety of multimedia platforms.


Stefanie Croley, Amplify’s project manager and resident storyteller, has more than a decade of experience in creating exceptional content across industries like agriculture, emergency services, retail business and more. A journalist by trade, Stefanie is passionate about connecting audiences with valuable and reliable information, and communicating brand messages to promote trust and preserve integrity.


Targeted, well-optimized content helps businesses rank higher in search engine results, increasing visibility and generating more qualified leads. Through compelling storytelling and valuable resources, content marketing helps you foster meaningful connections with your targeted customers.

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