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About Us

A Message From Our Sponsor

WHAT is The Toronto Label & Packaging Show?
Labels & Packaging affect almost every industry and business out there. Whether you are selling them or using them, understanding how to best utilize them in your business holds great value and opportunity. This is why PDS created the Toronto Label & Packaging Show.

TLPS is an action packed Open House hosted by equipment experts - Print Digital Solutions. It runs 2 days long, April 11 and 12, 2024, with a focus on the newest print and finishing equipment technology in the Label & Packaging space. From label printers to die cutters, flex pack printers to label applicators, there will be over 25 machines running live demos from 10am – 4pm each day. Industry experts will be at your finger tips to discuss ideas and strategy on how to best utilize this equipment in-house. Finally, you will be introduced to PDS – a company with over 40 years of experience in the Printing Industry – to support you locally with your Label & Packaging equipment.
5 Reasons WHY you want to be there
  1. Expert Advice. Your business is unique and so are your plans for the future. At TLPS there will be a range of industry experts to help understand your vision and guide you to your label and packaging goals.
  2. Latest Technology. You will see the highly anticipated launch of the Afinia X350 Production Label Press along with the DC350 Semi Rotary Die Cutter. With over 25 other machines to demo, there is something for everyone – from the entrepreneur labelling 100 hot sauces per month, to the production label shop running hundreds of thousands.
  3. Customization & Time. A huge opportunity in many businesses is the ability to customize your product and get it out the door quickly. When relying on someone else to produce your labels or packaging, often times that means slow turn-around times, stocking thousands more than needed and wasted product. At TLPS you will learn how to gain an edge on your competition by unleashing the power of customization and turnaround time.
  4. Local Support. When learning about and buying equipment, there is so much more to it than the purchase itself. At TLPS you will meet the equipment experts at PDS who believe strongly in local service and support. It starts with a consultation to understand your business and determining the right equipment to meet your needs. After purchase, installation and training is completed virtually or on-site by a trained technician. Following that, service and support is offered by the PDS support team.
  5. Special Pricing. For the month of April PDS is offering special pricing on almost all machines shown at TLPS. Pricing on new models will be up to 20% off list price and floor models will be offered to TLPS attendees at even greater discounts.
WHO is The Toronto Label & Packaging Show for?
Anyone with a business – big or small. Whether you sell labels or sell products with labels on them. Whether you sell packaging, make packaging or use packaging… you should attend TLPS! Industries that would most benefit from attending TLPS include:
  –  Food and Beverage
–  Co-pack
–  Flexible Packaging
  –  Cannabis
–  Chemical
–  Coffee Roasters
  –  Print-for-pay
–  Pharmaceutica
–   Health Care & Beauty

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