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About Us


As of this week, Google began shutting off third-party cookies for a small part of users on its Chrome browser. By year end, these tracking tools will be but a memory on Chrome, which accounts for 50% of traffic and users in Canada. The number two browser, Safari, dropped third-party cookies years ago, as did my browser of choice Firefox.

As Annex does not accept programmatic advertising on its websites, this will have no impact on our website revenue stream. It will impact some of the ad spends of our marketing partners, however, which should be an opportunity for Annex and our extensive first- and zero-party data.

It should also heighten the value of our direct interaction platforms like enewsletters. And this may be why enews platform behemoth beehiv continues to see a surge in the number of enews providers in both the consumer and B2B space. As of the end of 2023, the platform has delivered over four billion emails to over 93 million subscribers across 10,000 publishers, many of whom are just an individual with an idea and a garage office.

This week beehiv released their 2024 State of Email Newsletter Report. As they are not well known for filtering out bots, some of their benchmark stats like open rates and click thru rates (CTR) are suspect. Certainly they would be hard to compare to the much more rigid Omeda stats. Still, there are some trends to ponder.

  • Inboxes are getting busier regardless of sector as so many marketers and individuals look to email as a solution to reduced social and Google traffic, and web privacy changes. This means that quality content, brand reputation and a ruthless niche focus are now more key than ever. Unedited newswire content and general industry news will not win the day unless curated in a meaningful and informed way and part of a mix of exclusive content.
  • AI-driven content makes the above even more crucial.
  • Open rate and CTR do not fluctuate wildly depending on send day or time, but there are somes tidbits worth noting. The worst day? That’s Saturday. The best day? That’s Sunday, which may be something to consider for event marketing. The best time? Between 10 and 2. The worst? Early morning before 8. Evenings are pretty good.
  • Automated follow-up sends work well, garnering much higher opens than the initial enews. A great example is an enews subscriber welcome letter. Also, think Lead Driver’s follow-up emails. What about follow-up emails for people who click on an event link?
  • Short subject lines rule. The best by far are those below 20 characters, followed by 21 to 40. A big driver in this is the propensity for readers to vet emails on mobile devices. The more your readers like mobile, the more important this is. Think contractors and public safety for starters. We know this, but do we do act upon it?
All fodder for our Enews 4.0 task force and publishers out there.

Do good work, and be good to work with.

Scott Jamieson, President & COO
sjamieson@annexbusinessmedia.com; mobile: 519-410-4000

Virtual Trolls

For more Cyber Gnomes, visit The Wall!!

To Cheryl, for Owning It
From David S – “Cheryl masterfully tackled multiple requests with fantabulous incredibleness for On-Site Magazine while filling in for Kim Rossiter!!”

To Megan and Liz, for Working Together
From Adam R – “With a staff rotation underway in Finance to allow folks to learn new things, I was thrilled to see that it had already started right here in Simcoe! Megan showed excellent initiative to prepare desk procedures, and start training Liz ahead of schedule, and Liz didn’t waste any time jumping right in. That's how you Work Together!”

To Mujeeb, for Owning It
You may have noticed some negative mobile phone costs in your December preliminaries. In renegotiating our cell phone deal with Rogers, Mujeeb arranged for some hefty credits to the tune of $33,000 to start the year. And no, he’s not available to negotiate your personal utilities.

Team News

New Digital Media Specialist
Ian Jackson joins Annex in the role of Digital Media Specialist and will be based out of the Toronto office. When he is not working, Ian’s playing the guitar and collecting records of music he loves; mainly 60s music, rock and roll, dance music, etc. He enjoys going to concerts, watching movies and TV shows like Fargo. On his travels to the US or UK, you’ll find him reading music bios – he is currently reading Thurston Moore’s memoir. Welcome to our digital team and Annex Ian!

What's Working

Covey training
Not everyone has had the benefit of training in Franklin Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. To address that, our very own certified trainer Michelle S is delivering courses, starting with the events team last month. Later this month she will deliver the program over two days to the Production and AC teams, followed by Digital and Production in March. I took my first training almost 20 years ago, and still use many of the key concepts, such as time blocking and the Big Rocks, Win-Win, emotional bank accounts, and the importance of managing your time quadrants. Enjoy.

Michelle’s Open Dialogue

As we come to the end of the second week in January, many of us made New Year’s resolutions or commitments with the goal to make positive changes in our lives and habits. Maybe things are going well or maybe they are starting to slide a bit – either is ok – it’s how you get back on track that matters. When setting goals, we often focus on the desired outcome without considering the necessary steps to achieve it. But a little structure and strategy can make all the difference – this applies for both your personal and professional goals.

This article by Dialogue covers goal setting strategies you can actually stick to that will help you achieve your desired outcome:
  • The benefits of setting goals – Dopamine Boost!
  • How to set achievable goals - SMART
  • Tips for accomplishing your goals – 8 tips
  • How Dialogue can help – Resources & Programs

Remember, don’t Google it, Dialogue it!