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About Us


As suspected, December results are off budget in both revenue and profit. We only managed to hit 93% of revenue budget, which was flat with last year. Contribution missed budget by a wide margin as a result, but we did exceed last year’s December contribution by a touch.

The biggest shortfall was in digital, which missed revenue budget by almost 25%, and missed last year by quite a bit as well. There was no specific trend behind the digital miss in terms of products. It was rather the case of a dozen or so markets missing their digital budget and last year by wide margins, requiring some work and creativity to close the gap in Q2.

Year-to-date the picture improves, as December is not a large revenue month. We are at 99% of revenue budget at the New Year. Thanks to some very good cost control so far, we are 8% over our contribution target, and 3% ahead of last year.

Our latest January forecast has us just beating revenue budget and nicely besting last year, so at this point it seems far more likely that we’ll hit our Q1 contribution budget than the Leafs will win a hockey game. The beginning of Q2 looks a little murkier, but there is lots of time to clear that up or for Plan Bs.

As you can see below, print advertising (-4%) and commercial printing (-52%) are having a rougher start to the year than anticipated, digital is holding its own, and events and “other revenue” are delivering the mail for us so far. The success story behind “other” is higher than expected multi-market sales and Amplify. That is the beauty of diversity.


For those wanting to find them, there are always clouds on the horizon. I’ve been guilty of that myself, which is the skeptical editor in me. So far though, 2024 is looking mostly sunny.

Do good work, and be good to work with.

Scott Jamieson, President & COO
sjamieson@annexbusinessmedia.com; mobile: 519-410-4000

Virtual Trolls

For more, visit The Wall!!

To Barb C, for Going Beyond
From Trish – “Barb has been a tremendous help to me the past couple of weeks as I've taken on additional brands since Alice's retirement. She volunteered to do the management reports as well as attending to all requests for new advertisers in our DOMO string generator to jumping on SalesforceHelp inquiries as well. Thank you! I truly appreciate all of your help!”

To Jack, for Going Beyond
From Kaitlin – “A sponsored podcast was sold for Canadian Contractor and Jack so graciously stepped up to the occasion to host and record it on behalf of the brand. He went above and beyond, doing research into the sponsor's business and products, and writing a solid script to deliver an excellent episode. Thanks Jack, and a job well done on your first podcast!” Editor’s note: Too bad it was a podcast, as no one can see his undoubtedly natty fit.

To Jean, for Owning It
It did my heart good to catch Jean red-handed starting one dishwasher and unloading another, keeping the GBR lounge fresh and clean. Many thanks.

What’s working

Crowd-sourcing content
Jacob Donnelly runs A Media Operator (AMO), a media and event brand serving the media market. He took an interesting approach to covering the dilemma being faced by cash-starved consumer brand BuzzFeed. In addition to penning his own commentary, he reached out to the more active of his audience, myself included, and asked them a simple question – “what would you do if you were running BuzzFeed”. Responses were shared and commented on in his members-only Slack channel, and then he strung together the edited responses as part of his coverage, sending it to his general (unpaid) audience enews. See the results here.

Free continuing education
National Media Awards Foundation (NMAF) with support from Ontario Creates is offering free access to a series of online courses and resources curated for the Canadian magazine publishing industry. Included is access to the LinkedIn Learning Platform. Annex has set up an account for staff to access. It is best that you access this on a private or incognito browser and when you sign in, do not connect it to your personal LinkedIn profile. The LinkedIn Learning license for this expires Dec. 31, 2024.

Explore the NMAF’s collection of publishing related content from the left menu or click browse to see the full list of categories such as sales, editorial, project management, DEI, marketing and more.

Website: https://www.linkedin.com/learning/
Username / Email: nma@annexbusinessmedia.com
Password: Masterclass2024

Promoting the Elite Sponsored Content Package
Both sponsored content packages in our media kits have digital elements built into them to ensure the article is promoted. If you miss using any of these elements, or do not link them to the article page, the campaign may underperform. To ensure the campaign is set up properly – follow the detailed cheat sheet found on MyAnnex.
  • Ensure each promoting element is itemized in the salesforce opportunity.
  • Use the client submission form to gather campaign information from the advertiser.
    • Digital will post the client-supplied article to your brand website.
  • All digital elements in the package, meant to promote this article, need to link to the article page on your website.
  • Your AC will manage scheduling and submitting eProduct material and will send social media content to the editor to post.
For premier sponsored content packages, Amplify will manage all of this, in addition to writing the article for the advertiser

For Your Benefit

A new calendar year brings a re-set to your Paramedical Practitioner balances in your Equitable Benefits plan. Paramedical Practitioners are individuals who specialize in areas that target certain health issues or topics. These services are also key in taking a preventative or holistic approach to your overall health and wellbeing. Our benefits consultants will tell you that a higher usage in paramedical services is a good thing.

Companies offering an array of these services tend to see reduced usage in their plan when it comes to drugs as employees are addressing health concerns (or simply getting ahead of them) through utilizing the various services available to them.

Services available in your Annex plan include:
Services Table
That’s quite the list! You have $500 available to you for each practitioner every year (each dependent included on your plan also has their own $500/practitioner). The best part is - you don’t need a doctor’s note to take advantage of this benefit – just make an appointment and go – it’s as easy as 1-2-3.