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About Us


Our sales teams are currently working to identify, quantify and recover some lapsed clients. Thank you to Adam R for the leg work in providing actionable data around this, and Martin in keeping the campaign on track.

Of course the best time to recover lapsed clients is before they lapse, and one way to do that is to keep the conversation going year round rather than just at renewal time. I’ve mentioned ways to do that in a past Shout & About, and they include establishing win-win relationships between editorial and key clients, meeting with clients a few times in the year to check in on the campaign, and sending them some business or marketing intelligence as you come across it.

The latter can be a bit time-consuming, so I’ve summarized the results of a recent and very useful B2B buying study done by the consultants at the Bain Co. in a classic B2B article format. The full article in a great animated format from Brooke is here, and in the coming days you can forward the link to clients with a note (and hopefully read yourself), but a few of the key research findings are summarized below:
  • Over 80 % of B2B buyers build a pre-existing list of possible vendors prior to starting their research. And 90% will end up selecting one of those vendors. If buyers don’t know who a vendor is or recall them on day one of the project, it’s basically all over.
  • Buyers may look at a vendor website (if they make that list), so it needs to be fast and well designed, and include some case studies and testimonials. But they will also look at a variety of other places – webinars, conferences, events, trade media, and colleagues.
  • Buyers want to know a vendor has a roadmap for the future. Can a vendor communicate that? And how? Options include thought leadership and forecasts.
  • Forget the C-suite, or at least don’t dwell on just them. B2B buying has been a team sport for some time now, so vendors must cast a wider net to include the project managers, directors and other staff involved.
As I mention in the article, much of what was discovered by this research is common knowledge to people involved in B2B buying decisions in companies like Annex. Still, some of our clients and prospects forget or would rather not know this complexity. Let’s give them a hand.

Do good work and be good to work with.

Scott Jamieson, President & COO
sjamieson@annexbusinessmedia.com; mobile: 519-410-4000
Virtual Trolls

To see what Trish and even Kyle did to merit a Shout Out this week, visit The Wall to add your own shout out!

To Alex R, for Being Agile
From Leslie – “Alex has been amazing, quick, responsive and adaptive with a client that has required lots of attention and patience. Much appreciated! Thank you Alex.”

To Barb C and Brooke, for Being Agile
From Danielle – “This week our fist print job from the Italian Trade Agency came in and Barb and Brooke jumped in immediately to help us establish a smooth process and ensure everything runs smoothy. Thank you both for being agile and working together.”

Thanks to Jaime, for Going Beyond
From Michelle B – “CP prints the National Poultry Showguide, and the floor plan from the organizers is not print-friendly. I asked Jaime if we could remedy that for the 2024 guide. It was quite the task, but Jaime turned it around swiftly as if it were nothing! Her efforts enhanced the final product and I'm sure the exhibitors will appreciate it as well! Thank you!”
What’s Working

Text renewals
The audience team is working with one of our vendors on a new approach to reader request renewal – SMS texting. To date they have tested it in one market – Canadian Contractor – and have had great success. They have solicited 700 replies for a 20% response rate, which is much better than email. It also comes in at 10% of the cost of telemarketing. They will roll the test out to other markets.

Tackling the big issues
OHS held a very successful Opioids in the Workplace VE last week. Todd Humber, editor, thought of the idea based on an increasing need for knowledge and strategies in the workplace. Todd moderated speakers and panel discussions from experts to help employers navigate issues, policies, programs and how they can help workers recover long-term. The team secured $14k in sponsorships for this new idea and audience members were very engaged asking more than 50 questions throughout. Congratulations and thank you to Paul B., Todd, Silvana, Cheryl, and Maria. for all their hard work in making this event such a great success!

Celebrating diversity
The upcoming Advance: Women in Manufacturing event is shaping up to be one of our best yet. With almost a month to go live, the event has 118 registrants already, and includes eight sponsors to date with more in discussion. The agenda, created for the most part by Sukanya and Nithya, is on our website, marketing is in full force and editors have a social media plan (created by Sukanya) to help with promotions. Revenue is at $30K to date, surpassing last year’s already.

Virtual Event Partnership Pays Off
Presented in partnership with the Canadian Journal of Emergency Management (CJEM), Avert hosted DEMvolution this week, its first virtual event of 2024. Focusing on the theme of what does the future of disaster and emergency management in Canada look like, the event attracted three sponsors and generated 575 registrations and 359 attendees. Working with CJEM helped Avert expand its reach when it came to marketing the event, but also in developing the virtual event’s agenda, not to mention sourcing speakers/panelists who provided premium insight for our audience of emergency management professionals.
For Your Benefit

Did you know that as a participant in the Annex pension plan and as an employee of Annex, you also enjoy the complimentary benefit of having access to our pension consultants, Cowan Group to help you plan for your future?

Not only will the consultant meet with you to guide you when it comes to where to invest your Annex pension funds with Manulife, they will also review the big picture for you on a personal level. They are available for complimentary investment counseling beyond your Annex pension plan to help you plan for your retirement and to meet your future financial goals.

You can reach out to Cowan Group at makesense@cowangroup.ca to schedule an appointment with an investment advisor.