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If it wasn’t for bad luck, the consumer media sector would have no luck at all. This week’s announcement that Bell Media has let go 4,800 employees comes hot on the heels of large layoffs at Corus Entertainment and Metroland. In fact, Metroland’s September layoff of 605 people now seems quaint next to Bell’s 4,800. A similar trend is happening in the US on an even larger scale.

A recent report by Ontario Creates, an Ontario Crown corporation cultural funding agency, follows this trend over the past decade specifically for the magazine sector. It found that magazine revenues dropped 50% from 2013 to 2021, and jobs in the sector dropped 56% from 2010 to 2020. That drop was almost all on the consumer magazine side.

That’s a lot of bad news, and clearly the consumer media sector has yet to find its go-forward business model. As noted in the Ontario Creates report, the B2B sector has fared much better through this period. Certainly, we are a much different sector than a decade ago with varied and much different revenue models, but the reasons why B2B media has escaped relatively unscathed are varied.

A major reason is the direct relationship with our audiences and our first-party data. That includes established direct-to-audience eproducts and a generally large annual investment in reader requalification. We are still impacted by the whims of the social platforms or Google’s changing algorithms, but nowhere to the extent of mainstream media.

We are similarly protected by our niche audiences. We are not chasing endless pageviews to monetize our audiences in Greenhouse Canada, for instance. There are a limited number of commercial greenhouses in Canada, they spend a ton on capital and inputs, and we saturate them just fine, thank you. Every Canadian B2B publisher enjoys the benefits of this focused audience approach.

We also enjoy a diversity in revenue that mainstream media has yet to invent. Events, webinars, research, award programs, lead generation, targeted omni-channel, video, book distribution, market services, niche printing, eproducts, targeted modal ads – these are all natural for diversified B2B brands but very difficult for consumer brands to deploy. In fact, much of it is difficult for smaller independent B2B media brands as well, but that’s another story.

And finally, our exclusive industry-centric content is not ubiquitous in the same way mainstream news is. Google “Bell Media cuts” and you’ll get an endless number of articles from countless media sources fighting for attention with almost the same story. Google “manure pit safety” and we’re all alone at number three. The more focused and niche our content, the bigger our moat.

That’s not to say B2B media is a simple business or that our three-year plan could be summarized as “business as usual”. But it does mean that threats in the B2B space are smaller and the opportunities larger.

I hope you get to spend time with family and loved ones this long weekend. Happy Family Day!

Do good work, and be good to work with.

Scott Jamieson, President & COO
sjamieson@annexbusinessmedia.com; mobile: 519-410-4000

Virtual Trolls

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To Paul G, for Working Together
From Brooke – “A print job I ordered for an important client got cancelled last minute and I was up a creek. After many calls to many print houses with no answers I talked to Paul, who helped me off the ledge - LOL. He helped me source more names, and after calling for hours, one of his leads came back with the availability to help!”

To Trish, for Working Together
From Danielle – “Trish played a crucial role in our joint initiative to regain lost clients by devising a Salesforce process to monitor our project's one million sales outcomes. She actively participated in team meetings, clarifying the process, and addressing questions from the sales team. Appreciate your contribution to this project, Trish.”

To Adam R, for Going Beyond
From Scott J – “While I’m not a fan of weekend work, there are times when large deals demand it. Last weekend was one of those times, and Adam stepped up to help me with crucial information and finance advice as we worked through the final steps of what could be an important deal. Thank you Adam, and my apologies to your family. It will be very rare.”

Team News

Trivia is back
Come and join colleagues for a fun break in the day and play trivia! We're playing Kahoot, so you can play regardless of your location. The game will be hosted by our very own Trivia Master - Mike Jiggens (and he promises easier questions this time).

To play, you need your laptop or desktop and your phone.

When, Time, Where: Thursday February 29 at 1:00 PM Eastern Time on Zoom

Meeting ID: 954 865 5421
Password: 7ye5gc

If this is your first time playing Kahoot or you need a refresher, instructions on how to play can be found on My Annex. Still have questions? Please contact Pero.

Watch out for Neil and Kyle - they are the ones to beat at the game!

Join here!

What’s Working

Checking in
It’s February, which means it’s also Q2 Own It check in time. If you have not already set up a meeting with your manager to review your 2024 goals, do a reality check on progress to date and discuss changes/resources, please do so in the coming days.

For Your Benefit

84% of Canadian employees consider an employer-sponsored retirement plan to be a critical benefit. The same survey also found that 60% of employees would be unlikely to work for a company that doesn’t offer a retirement plan. 30% of Canadians indicate they are relying on their workplace pension as their primary source of retirement income. Employees who participate in employer-sponsored retirement plans said they’d be ready to retire when they originally planned (60%) or earlier (11%). That’s a lot of stats! Here’s one more. Fewer than 40% of Canadian workers were covered by a company pension plan as of 2020.

At Annex, we have a retirement plan with a matching contribution from of up to 5%.

Benefits of having an employer-sponsored retirement plan:
  • Annex matching contributions. This doubles your “mandatory” contribution amount with Annex matching, dollar for dollar, up to the maximum eligible amount each pay. This is a 100% return-on-investment on Day One! This can really start to add up.
  • Tax-deductible contributions. The money you contribute comes right off your pay and is tax-deductible, so you keep more of your income.
  • Tax-deferred investments. You won’t pay tax on your investments until you withdraw them when you retire.
  • Lower fees. Because you are part of a larger group, the investment fees we pay as employees are lower.
Our plan is voluntary but when you don’t participate, you are missing out on additional earnings. If you are eligible but not yet enrolled, reach out to Pero or Michelle to find out how.