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About Us


The future of the B2B media industry will not be found in Southern Ontario alone. Well, except maybe early next week, but I’ll get to that later. No, it’s more likely to be found scattered across the globe, among needy B2B marketers and innovative B2B media companies. That’s why many of us at Annex are about to head out into the wider world.

Next week we have a small team of executives heading stateside to the Business Information Media Summit (BIMS), the who’s who in business media that we’ve been attending since the late 90s. Michelle B, Kyle and Adam R will be attending presentations on emerging tech, revenue and monetization, content marketing and more.

The week following I will be in New York for the JEGI Clarity conference, an invite-only event attended by 600 executives from the media, marketing, information and technology sectors. It’s a good place to uncover opportunities and changes possibly heading our way in the next five years.

In late March, Vesna, Stacy and I are in exotic Toronto for a Canadian Marketing Association event on the “cookieless future”. It’s not as bleak as a world without actual cookies, but many of our clients are nervous, and that spells opportunity.

In April, Kim B and Amanda head to Chicago for the Super Niche conference, a great meeting of niche publishers run by the one and only Ryan Dohrn. We’ve participated for 15 years.

In early May Vesna, Stacy, Kyle, Barb A and I venture to Omeda’s OX7 user conference. We will swap best practices with dozens of B2B companies with a very similar tech stack as ours.

Finally, Tuesday of next week Annex will host the Data and Digital Transformation Group (DDTG) in GBR. The DDTG is an informal B2B media group that meets quarterly to discuss what’s working and what’s not in digital media. Topics include customer trends, lead gen, product development, looming threats and emerging opportunities. We are joined by colleagues from PMMI, Watt Global Media, Gardner Business Media, Randall Reilly, Access Intelligence, and Wells Media. Stacy and I joined the group last spring, and it has been very helpful.

Unpleasant travel aside, this outreach investment can become information overload without a framework to process it all. A few simple questions can prioritize the scattered ideas:

  • Does this idea improve a project we are already doing (e.g. eBLDR, Amplify)?
  • Might it be more important than other projects we have slotted for the coming 18 months?
  • Does it significantly benefit our readers?
  • Does it significantly help our B2B marketing clients?
  • Does it make us noticeably more efficient or effective?

If the answer to either of the first two is yes, it’s easy: we need to start digging in ASAP. If the answer to the first two is no, but yes to any of the last three, we should add it to the list and start investigating. If the concept doesn’t fit any of the five, we should move on. So, if you see some of us wandering around with our head in the clouds, we may be pondering our future. Feel free to join in.

Do good work and be good to work with.

Scott Jamieson, President & COO
sjamieson@annexbusinessmedia.com; mobile: 519-410-4000


Virtual Trolls

Check out the rest on The Wall!

To Craig, for Owning It
From Kyle – “Craig has been keeping an open JIRA ticket updated with a list of all of our 2024 Media Kits as I requested once a few years back. It has been updated every year to the point of minor updates throughout the year. This has allowed us to provide this list to finance for a project with just a copy and paste. You make it easy Craig!”

To Emily, for Working Together
From Brooke – “Emily had two of the biggest issues we have to lay out overlapping one another. She got both out on time with a smile.” 


Team News

And the winner is….Annex Business Media
At the 17th Annual AVA Digital Awards, Annex recently took home four awards for our custom publishing work with the Electricity Distributors Association (EDA). The Spring and Summer 2023 issues of The Distributor, the EDA’s quarterly magazine Annex designs and prints, each won Platinum Awards, while The Distributor’s Fall and Winter issues won Gold Awards. All awards won were in the Content Marketing E-Magazine category. The AVA Digital Awards is an international competition that recognizes excellence by creative professionals responsible for the planning, concept, direction, design, and production of digital communication. Congrats to everyone on our production team who played a role in producing The Distributor in 2023.


What’s Working

Women in Construction
Annex’s 4th annual Women in Construction will focus on insights needed to navigate the evolving demands for women in construction, on and off the jobsite. Our afternoon event held March 7th just before International Women’s Day will include conversations with industry leaders, explore careers beyond the trades, discuss work-life balance and dive into the world of affinity groups. With almost two weeks to go registration is at 334 and sponsor revenue at $15,000.

Being good to tax with
With events now a sizeable part of our business, and providing more offerings, Finance revisited the sales taxes for our events last year. While the exact application of taxes can be complex, we are now seeing good teamwork between Digital and Finance to make sure we get it right and keep the CRA offsite. Finance may not be good at programming, and Digital may not be sales tax experts, but when working together we get it just right for the Digital Team’s custom websites. It’s a great example of doing good work and being good to work with across teams.

Ag add ons
The Ag group has been showing a creative flair with promotion packages around editorial podcasts and client webinars. For example, Fruit & Veg attended the Ontario Fruit and Vegetable Convention this week. Alex and Nash found a quick $2,000 by offering sponsorship within a podcast episode that Alex was going to do at the show regardless.

The Ag group is also partnering with Amplify to upsell webinars with a simple digital summary package. This package was well received in Amplify sessions last week and a sell sheet can be found here. This package has been something the ag group has seen success with in past years, but recently it has made a comeback and generated $13,000 in March/April alone.

Harvesting theme weeks
The Canadian Biomass and Canadian Forest Industries teams produced another successful theme week from their slate of digital initiatives in 2024. Biomass Harvesting Week ran from Feb. 12-16th and included the latest stories and videos spotlighting the world of logging, chipping, grinding, and transporting woody biomass – very informative information for our audience and clients. Congratulations and thank you to Josee and Rebecca for adding $7,000 in revenue for the week with three sponsors secured.

Adding Insights to the Fire
Fire Fighting in Canada hosted its fifth annual virtual summit on Wednesday. The event had 187 registrants and 104 attendees online for a conversation on volunteer recruitment, retention and succession. The refreshed format featured a presentation from outside the industry by Volunteers Canada, a “10 Questions With” fireside chat with an award-winning fire chief, two sponsored presentations and a special edition of the brand’s podcast. The event drew an audience from across Canada that was engaged and interactive during the Q&As, showing there is still a strong demand for focused content that serves a national conversation.



For Your Benefit

Did you know that we review our pension plan every year with Manulife and our pension consultant.

We review the plan design, look at the activity over the past year, discuss legislative updates, review how each fund has performed, and discuss possible changes to continue to better the plan. Manulife dives deep, breaking down the stats and providing comparisons to industry benchmarks. Both tell a great story about our pension plan.

  • We are close to 100% participation by employees who are eligible to enroll in the pension plan.
  • The average account balance per employee is double the average of the benchmark used by Manulife.
  • The average annual contribution per employee is 40% higher than Manulife’s benchmark.
  • At Annex, 96% of those participating have personally chosen where to direct their investment instead of letting the plan do it for them by default – Manulife’s benchmark is 54%.
  • We are well above the average for individuals making use of the resources available by Manulife to plan for retirement, to access their information and keeping their personal information up to date.

What does this tell us? Employees see the value in the Annex pension plan, are maximizing their contributions and a lot of us have been around for quite some time to grow a nice nest egg for our retirement goals.