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About Us


A few weeks back I reviewed some B2B buyer research showing the limited value of pure lead gen programs. One aspect I left out was the increasing propensity for self-serve among B2B buyers. As the deprecation of third-party cookies accelerates through 2024, this desire will become more prevalent. Programmatic ad buyers trained in 15-years of self-serve portals will turn to B2B media for context rich marketing options only to find they must talk to – gasp – people.

We are of course all well trained in self-serve. Grocery self-checkout aside we have in fact come to expect it. Does anyone really crave the experience of calling someone to haggle over a flight, rental car or hotel room? That expectation is coming to B2B media buying. Depending on what US-based Gartner market research you’re reading and what products you’re talking about, anywhere from 30% to 75% of B2B buyers prefer a process that does NOT include dealing with a salesperson.

That varies with product or service complexity and will not be as prevalent in sales of novel or less obvious investments, such as marketing. But the push is real. We already somewhat cater to that desire. Self-serve event purchase and credit card payment, online buyers guide enhanced package sales, and direct media kit downloads are examples at Annex.

But our three- to five-year vision is much more elaborate. It includes the option of 100% self-serve in everything from product review and purchase to ad material upload and selection, to campaign reporting dashboards. Sham, Stacy and Kyle are already drawing it out in phases as part of our enews adBLDR project that started last month. And we saw exciting elements of it in systems already operating at some of the B2B media companies we hosted in GBR on Tuesday for the Digital and Data Transformation Group.

None of this replaces active media selling. Nothing – and especially not media – sells itself.

Rather it will simplify and enhance our media sales and execution process by catering to a new group of media buyers migrating from the pure programmatic play, to younger media buyers who prefer more autonomy, and to agencies. It will provide an option that reduces the number of ads we need to chase each month. It will reduce the number of reports we need to send out. It will allow us to focus on activities that ad more value to the majority of clients who desire a collaborative partnership with their media brands.

Above all it will make us easier to deal with, for an added touch of Unreasonable Hospitality. It’s exciting and challenging in the same breath.

Do good work and be good to work with.

Scott Jamieson, President & COO
sjamieson@annexbusinessmedia.com; mobile: 519-410-4000


Virtual Trolls

For more trolls to Jaime, Monica, Graham and more The Wall!

To Barb V, for Owning It
From Kim B – “Barb has been instrumental in keeping both Nithya and I on task with marketing for the Food Innovation Webinar Series. Between booking what seems like 100 different digital products over the four-month campaign, to revising the ads more than once, Barb has been a Rock Star with a smile. So thanks Barb!”

To Kim B, for Working Together
From Stephen K – “Kim is always happy to share insights into what she is working on and what has been successful for her. Our water cooler conversations have helped me immensely with new product ideas and collaborations.”

To Azeemah, for Owning It
From Michelle B – “Thank you for owning event management to ensure the team at the Top Crop Summit had newly printed signage, nametags, runsheets and venue contact info. When your flight was cancelled, your support, extra communication and attention-to-detail was appreciated. It allowed us to get everything done on-time and offer a seamless registration on day-one.”


Team News

Grampa Bob!
Bob Staz in the print plant is a grandpa again. His daughter Sophie and her husband had a baby girl last week. Matilda Hayley was born on February 24 and arrived ready to rock at 9lbs 9oz. As a bonus, Bob is now waiting for his daughter Elizabeth in Germany to have twin girls in March. Congrats Bob!


What’s Working

A recent study found that listening to different types of music while working can dramatically improve efficiency and accuracy. For numerical and detailed/proofreading tasks, classical music increased accuracy by up to 12%. And pop music increased data entry accuracy by as much as 20%. The best music for accurate proofreading though? Dance music.

Learning from colleagues
Annex hosted the Digital and Data Transformation Group (DDTG) Monday night and Tuesday in Toronto. Stacy did an outstanding job leading the meeting and the discussion around things like self-serve campaign portals (see above), competitive digital reporting, AI strategies, enews automation and optimization, new products and content strategies. Next up is Chicago in May, hosted by US packaging association PMMI.

Winter farming
Wild winter weather almost ruined it, and our event team never made it to Saskatchewan, but the ag team triumphed and held a successful 9th Annual Top Crop Summit in Saskatoon this week. The 1.5-day event brought in approximately 200 farmers, agronomists, suppliers, and researchers to hear about the latest research and trends within the Western field crop production industry. The summit generated $95,000 in revenue through sponsorships, exhibitor booths and registration. 


MyAnnex Facts

The editorial guidelines for AI can be found here, but the gist of it is we use AI for outlines, research, SEO optimization, summaries and more. We do not use it to generate actual new content.


Michelle's Covey Corner

Adapting to change is included as one of our six Annex values under Be Agile. Covey has a micro-course dedicated to the four essential skills for being good at change. We’ve all experienced change and know that it doesn’t stop – change is constant as the world and us as individuals continue to evolve and grow.

It helps to adopt the mindset that change is not something you have to “get through” but something that “you do”. To navigate change with more confidence, less stress, and to get better results, you can apply these four tactics:

  1. Notice how you react, then push yourself to better understand the change.  When you challenge your reaction, you make it possible to think through things on your own or seek different perspectives.
  2. Be curious.  Curiosity helps you learn how things work, to solve problems when you run into obstacles and seize the opportunities that change presents.
  3. Zoom out to remind yourself why the change is important, and zoom in to figure out your next step. To successfully navigate change, you need to see both the big picture and what’s right in front of you.
  4. Fully commit – and recommit – to the change. A key element to getting good at change is understanding that it is often hard and uncomfortable, and you have to continually recommit to making it work – if you feel your commitment wavering, figure out why and decide next what to do about it.