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About Us


Scott J is on vacation starting today, so it’s my pleasure to write this week’s Shout & About.

What an exciting week at Annex! With the announcement of our new employee-management partnership, there is a real buzz on LinkedIn - and I’m sure the same in the offices on Wednesday! The excitement truly is contagious.

However, today’s update lands on International Women’s Day and we ought to celebrate it as well. Today is a globally recognized date meant to promote inclusion and equality and reduce bias and discrimination. At Annex, many brands support their markets with content and events that promote and encourage women in business, driving professional development and bringing markets together for conversations that aim to create a brighter future.

For example, Advance: Women in Manufacturing was held virtually on Wednesday. Sukanya and Nithya developed an agenda and speaker lineup that resonated with our various manufacturing audiences and exemplified the theme of Inspire Inclusion. The event generated 262 registrations and $39k in sponsorship.

The construction brands also held Women in Construction yesterday with 425 registrants and $20k in revenue. Sessions focused on human rights code, affinity groups, careers beyond the traditional jobsite and work/life balance.

These virtual events are just two examples of multi-brand teams working together to execute an inclusive project that is relevant, targeted and speaks to the needs of the market. 

However, inclusivity and fairness are not the job of a few. It takes everyone – both in our personal lives, and at work to believe in and change the narrative. Companies who do it well, make inclusivity part of the culture – it needs to be part of the company’s DNA. It takes understanding, curiosity, and acknowledgement that women may face different challenges or hold different types of responsibilities than their male colleagues do.

At the BIMS conference last week, Adam R, Kyle and I listened to Mike Sealy from Informa Markets discuss how the B2B Media Workforce can encourage more diversity. Michelle S and Pero could have presented the keynote – because Annex is doing much of what was presented. And, we know that diversity goes so much further than equality and fairness for women. It starts with being an ‘architect of change’ as Mike Sealy called it.

Diversity, equality and inclusion must be in everything we do – talent acquisition, onboarding, long-term employee experience, company social events, marketing and as part of events as well – from speakers, logistics, social activities and accessibility.

Thank you all for being the driving change towards an inclusive business economy and making the employee experience at Annex positive and welcoming.

You know the drill; do good work and be good to work with.

Michelle Bertholet, Group Publisher, Content Studio Director 
mbertholet@annexbusinessmedia.com; mobile: 204-596-8710


Virtual Trolls

For trolls to Ian, Sharon, Bree, Maria, Ana and more, visit The Wall!

To Jean Ko Din, for Caring
From Adam R – “I have always wondered who keeps emptying and loading the dishwasher in GBR, but today part of the mystery is solved. I caught Jean in the act! Going out of her way to make this a great place to work, and showing that little things like this, are really the big things. Thank you so much for caring.”

To Sukanya, for Being Agile
From Nithya – “Many thanks to Sukanya for co-creating the WIM event, finding the speakers, creating the social media marketing calendar, co-moderating and most importantly making sure the script is updated including having seed questions. I couldn't have done it without you. Thanks! P.S.: The big company news was released during our event, but Sukanya was unflappable.”

To Stefanie C, for Owning It
From Stacy – “I just read this month's the debrief, Amplify's newsletter. Stefanie curated a collection of insightful articles, emphasizing the importance of authenticity & long-term branding over immediate leads in B2B content marketing. It serves as a valuable resource for advertisers, showcasing how sponsored content can foster trust & engagement. Nice work!”


Team News

New Account Coordinator
Melissa Gates joins Annex as an Account Coordinator and will be based in our Toronto office. When she is not working, Melissa loves going to concerts - her most recent being a Shawn Desman concert. She enjoys hanging out with friends and trying new restaurants. She’s also into art and dabbles in oil or acrylic painting as well as digital art. She once created a portrait of Miley Cyrus (and Miley viewed it in Melissa’s Instagram story!). Melissa also enjoys photography and travelling to countries like Scotland and France. Welcome to Annex, Melissa!


What’s Working

Dividends for all
As questions come in around the Employee-Management Partnership (EMP), Scott J will be assembling a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) sheet to share with all employees. But here’s the answer to one that has come up twice, around whether bonused employees like some publishers will receive dividends when available. The answer is simple – All employees are eligible for dividends, even if they do not currently qualify for profit sharing. And while Scott was conservative regarding when they may start, Adam R is modelling it all out for us and it is likely that we will see some first dividends in Year 1 if we achieve EBITA budget. Stay tuned.

New banking partner
Along with the EMP announcement, we have a new banking partner, TD bank. This will impact the way a lot of our customers pay, as there are new EFT instructions for anyone paying by EFT or ACH, as well as wire payments. Our AR Team has the new bank details for any customers that require it and they will help guide the future payments. There should be no impact to anyone paying via Stripe. Do not hesitate to reach out to your finance team if you have any questions.

Buyer awareness
On Tuesday Scott J partnered with former FIPP CEO James Hewes and several Canadian magazine associations to present a webinar on buying and/or selling magazines. Guests heard about how magazines are valuated, steps to take to prepare for a sale, and what to expect in the process. As a result several magazine owners have reached out about potentially selling their magazines to Annex.

Re-engaging dormant advertisers
In February we launched Project 1 Million, which is a collective effort by the sales team to win back clients who have not advertised with us since 2022. The sales team is doing a great job re-engaging with these clients and we are well on our way of reaching our target. To date we have won back $632,650. Well done!

Popular VE topics
Last week the MRO team held the annual Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) virtual event, highlighting the crucial role of CMMS software in reducing downtime in various industries. The team was able to exceed budget with over $15k in revenue in this popular event attracting 126 registrations. Well done and thank you to the MRO team and Maria P for another successful event!

This week, Drainage Contractor held the inaugural North American Drainage Conference in a virtual format. The idea that began at Event-Ovation brought together academia, drainage contractors and industry stakeholders. The event exceeded budget with $21k in combined sponsorship and registration fees. With 106 registrations and a 78% attendance rate, the team successfully curated a new revenue and content stream for this market.


For Your Benefit

Happy Friyay! Closing out the work week can bring a general feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment (and then add the excitement knowing the weekend is here). At Annex, multiply that excitement because we get to finish our work week at 1:30 pm on Fridays and get a jump start on our weekend!

A survey conducted in the UK found that finishing early on Fridays is the most desired perk an employer can offer (87.6% of respondents indicated this). This is a perk not offered by many employers or could be in the form of summer hours offered only in July and August, offered only once per month, or getting done early is considered 3 pm. At Annex, we offer early Fridays every week, all year round, and we wrap up the day at 1:30 pm.

Early Fridays are just another way for Annex to continue to support a healthy work-life balance for our employees and to add another element of flexibility within the work week for all to enjoy.