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About Us


When I volunteered for this one, I didn’t realize this was going to be the 150th edition of Shout & About, which is an amazing milestone for this weekly tradition. Oh well, here goes nothing!

This year, I had the opportunity to attend the Business Information & Media Summit (aka. “BIMS”) for a chance to meet and learn from our peers across the industry, and to see what challenges lay ahead for Annex.

Right from the start, a presentation from Readex got into AI with the results of a research survey they conducted, where the respondents listed all the expected uses for AI in 2024. The number one response from our peers was using AI for Marketing Messaging with 63% of respondents listing this as a priority. Data and Research was tied for second at 50%, but also tied for second at 50% was Content Creation.

This theme continued throughout the summit and drew very mixed responses from the attendees. Some seemed excited, but when the questions about Generative AI began, you could hear the frustrations, and fears, coming out. What can you do when your content could be stolen and copied by Generative AI? I am heartened to tell you that many of the solutions that were working for our peers, are already in place or launching at Annex.

At Annex, we don’t believe in using AI to generate content that will be a mile wide, and a foot deep in a desperate attempt to just produce content for its sake. We focus on our niches and go a mile deep. We talk about the hard issues, like OHS’ Opioids in the Workplace. We provide thought leadership and solve problems like CCE’s Decarbonizing Remote Communities Virtual Summit coming up in April. And most importantly, we keep that human touch, and enhance (not create) our content with AI. There is a lot more to come to from the Human Content Initiative led by our Digital team with help from Amplify and Audience, but I won’t steal their thunder.

Being an optimist, I liked the perspective from the Motion Picture Association, when they told the story of a new and disruptive technology from the 1920’s – adding sound to movies. When the infamous “Talkies” were replacing silent films 100 years ago, everyone at the time was convinced that this was the end of the industry, and an era. The were correct about the era but could not be farther from the truth for the industry. This new concept adding sound to movies was just the beginning of many new jobs and possibilities that have grown the film industry to employ nearly half a million people in the US alone.

That is where we could go with AI, and there are so many possibilities in front of us.

Which is not unlike our new Employee-Management Partnership. There are so many possibilities in front of us, and we will get there Together. Or, as our CEO likes to tell you; do good work and be good to work with.

And to those observing, Ramadan Mubarak.

Adam Reiterowski, Vice President of Finance & Administration
areiterowski@annexbusinessmedia.com; mobile: 647-531-7268


Virtual Trolls

For more trolls, be sure to visit The Wall!

To Maria, for Caring
From Nithya – "When a panelist needed help with her presentation and polls during our AWIM 2024 event, Maria calmly took over the screen sharing duties. This allowed our presenter to happily focus on the subject matter. Thanks, Maria."

To Bree, for Owning It
From Michelle B – "Bree saw the inaugural NADC from ideation to completion. After some adversity & industry doubt that the audience would attend, Bree pushed on, pivoted from live to virtual, curated a strong lineup, charged a fee, dug deep to surpass the goal of 100 registrants, earned 78% attendance + positive feedback. Thanks for owning it, Bree. Great work.”

To the Finance Team, for Owning It
While we celebrate this new chapter at Annex with the Employee Management Partnership, it is important to remember that there are dozens of moving parts behind the scenes, and this is all being handled by your Finance Team. A new bank means new credit cards, payroll changes, Stripe changes, billing changes, payment changes and more. If you happen to pass by Megan, Katie, Cindy, Liz, Laura S, Odette, Stephanie S, Kristin, or Steve D – make sure you let them know that you appreciate their behind-the-scenes efforts to see the job through.


Team News

Grandpa Bob! (Again!)
On March 6 Elisabeth gave birth to beautiful twin girls. She and the babies doing well, though Fabi and brother Charlie are officially outnumbered now. Adorable pictures to follow!


What’s Working

Hitting the Ice for Charity
On April 18th in Brampton, Ont., SP&T will be the proud media sponsor of Hockey Day in Peel, a one-day inaugural security industry pick-up hockey game in benefit of Peel Crime Stoppers. The event will see security industry professionals, first responders, and community stakeholders come together for a friendly pick-up game, with teams selected the old-fashion way: players’ tossing their sticks in at centre ice.

Can’t wait to see our security team — Adam S, Neil and Jason — hit the ice for a good cause, while at the same networking with readers, industry partners and clients alike!

Women in Forestry
The Forestry group of CFI, CB, OF and PPC held their very successful annual Women in Forestry virtual event on International Women’s Day Friday, March 8th. The team worked together to produce a dynamic group of industry experts who did not disappoint the almost 500 people who attended the event from across 13 countries.

Jennifer E and Sukanya skillfully planned and moderated the panels while Josée lead the sales efforts alongside Sonya and Rebecca, to exceed budget, achieving $50k in revenue. Of course, these events are only as successful as they are with the masterful planning and support of Ana and Shannon.

Thank you to the entire team on another incredible event!

New Credit Cards
Along with our new banking partner, it looks like the new credit cards will be arriving sometime next week. They should all be arriving in the Simcoe office and will be distributed from there.

Once you receive the “go ahead” from Finance, we will ask that you activate your TD cards, and then stop using your BNS cards promptly. The goal is to make the transition as smooth as possible, so that we are not using two banks for too long. And don’t worry – I am told that all the cards will have “tap” function enabled. :)


For Your Benefit

Did you know that the standard hours of work in Canada for most employers falls between 37.5 hours and 40 hours per week?  At Annex, our standard work week is 35 hours per week. Add a shorter work week to our early Fridays and Annex continues to be ahead of most employers when it comes to flexibility and work-life balance.
Research indicates the pros to working 35 hours per week vs 40 hours per week can be:
• Improved mental health.
• Reduced stress and anxiety levels.
• Higher levels of job satisfaction.
• Significantly improved work-life balance.
• Increased productivity, creativity, and innovation.
• Overall, healthier, and happier individuals.
Having a standard work week of 35 hours and a longer weekend is an additional way for Annexers to balance work with health and wellbeing.