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In B2B marketing, one strategy continues to stand out from the digital noise: content marketing. It's not just a buzzword; it's a game-changer. Content builds trust through journalistic storytelling. It positions your brand as an authoritative voice within your chosen market and gives you credibility that lasts beyond the initial sale, building relationships with customers through each phase of the buyer journey.

Let me guess. You’re thinking, “I’ve heard this before. Tell me something new.”

You’re in the right place. Welcome to the first edition of the debrief, the monthly eNewsletter brought to you by Amplify. Each month, we’ll bring you tips and resources to amp up your content game. We’ll share SEO and digital insights, storytelling techniques and highlights from our own recent work, created for brands like yours who want to stand out amongst the noise. And, we promise to keep the bad puns and excessive jargon to a minimum… after this edition, of course.

Thanks for joining us. See you next month.

Stefanie Croley, Project Manager, Amplify
scroley@annexbusinessmedia.com; mobile: 226-931-4949

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Experts + strategy + distribution
This LinkedIn find highlights how a three-person marketing team creates more content than massive companies. The takeaways? Trusted experts, strong framework and effective distribution.

Content marketing’s impact on SEO
How does content marketing impact SEO? This article breaks it down, and this episode of This is Annex expands on the insights.
A case for: multi-channel content marketing

With content focused on farm safety, valuable research and real-life insights in a thought-leadership approach, this multi-platform campaign drives conversation around creating safe work environments on farm operations. The article weaves in information about TELUS’s Connected Worker technology and solutions to generate interest and promote the launch within a new vertical, at the same time delivering actionable takeaways to the reader. Check it out here.
About Amplify

Amplify is a full-service content studio. By taking a journalistic approach to content creation, we help brands share their story while creating a connection with their audience.

Amplify is part of Annex Business Media – Canada’s largest B2B media publishing company with more than 60 media brands serving various industries.

Today, we’re thrilled to debut the debrief, our eNewsletter focused on sharing content marketing insights and resources with 60,000+ forward-thinking business owners and marketers.

If you want to learn about working with Amplify, visit our website or inquire by email.

Michelle Bertholet, Group Publisher / Director, Amplify