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The first time I ever asked a generative AI platform to create something for me, it stopped midway through a paragraph. 

“There was an error generating a response.”

Talk about drawing a blank.

Most people – myself included – can relate to that feeling. Losing a train of thought in the middle of writing is almost as frustrating as starting with a blank page, and not knowing what words to fill it with. So you can imagine how strongly I fought the urge to start singing Alanis Morissette’s Ironic when the tool I used to fight writer’s block and help me turn an idea into something valuable…failed.

There’s a lot of conversation and debate surrounding the use of generative AI in content creation. I stand firm in my belief that AI will never replace a human when it comes to producing engaging and valuable content, mostly because it lacks the fundamental ability to weave together emotion and authenticity into storytelling. But I’ll also stand firm in my belief that AI has merit as a tool and, when used in the right ways, can bolster a B2B content marketing strategy.

For starters, AI platforms can help prevent that awful feeling I described above by providing marketers with a starting point. When used properly, AI-powered tools can analyze market trends and customer behaviour, and generate ideas and content gaps. It can also help tweak what’s already been written to make it more SEO friendly and less likely to get caught in a spam filter. Combine this with human creativity and industry expertise, and a content marketing program levels up, with pinpointed topics that are guaranteed to resonate with a target audience.

The key element there is the human piece – it’s what makes content such a lucrative marketing tool. Humans bring experiences, perspectives and emotions to content, making relatable and familiar and creating a point of meaningful connection for the audience. That’s the depth of human-generated content that can’t be replaced.

Thanks for joining us. See you next month.

Stefanie Croley, Project Manager
Amplify by Annex Business Media

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Salesforce: AI use may lead to a “trust gap” with customers
As brands continue to adopt AI to meet customer expectations, Salesforce’s State of the Connected Customer Survey reports increasing concerns about unethical uses of the technology. A notable stat: “68% of customers say advances in AI make it more important for companies to be trustworthy, putting a growing onus on brands to earn customers’ confidence as technology matures.” Read the article here.

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From Our Files

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The Last Word

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