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About Us

A Message from our sponsors

On behalf of our members, the Wood Pellet Association of Canada:
  • Pursues market access and solves trade barriers
  • Helps improve pellet plant safety
  • Promotes Canadian pellet sustainability, quality and reliability
  • Increases pellet use in the domestic market
  • Provides frequent networking opportunities
If you are interested in joining us, please visit pellet.org/members.
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Fink Machine has over 180 installations across Canada and is Canada's largest supplier of wood chip and wood pellet heating systems for commercial, institutional, district energy and small industrial heating needs. We invite you to tour the district heating system that we built and continue to own and operate in Enderby BC. Fink Machine is proud to distribute the Mawera and Schmid line of high quality boilers.

For more information call us at 250-838-0077 or check out our website.
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BSB was formed to promote biomass heating throughout Canada and to meet all biomass heating project demands. BSB will bid through government and municipal calls for tenders or directly with owners of commercial and industrial buildings, apartment buildings, etc. where renewable source heating is desired.

We offer forced air, warm-hot water and steam systems ranging from 20 kW up to 20 MW capacity. Some of our systems can use a variety of biomass such as wood pellets, wood chips, demolition wood, agricultural waste, etc.
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Founded in 1947 and operating as an independent Canadian company since 1987 KMW has unrivaled experience and history in the biomass boiler industry. With 70 years of experience engineering, manufacturing and supplying biomass combustion systems and boilers, KMW can take any project from concept to completion. With boilers operating in North, Central, and South America, as well as Europe and Australia KMW has a proven track record for delivering.
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For more than 85 years Schmid Energy Solutions has been dealing with wood firing systems in the industrial, commercial and residential sectors. Energy generation from wood has many advantages and requires a great deal of experience, knowledge and competence. Through constant further developments and optimally coordinated plant components, we meet all requirements for safe heating technology.
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