Kyle Shay is the Vice President of Digital Media at Annex Business Media, Canada’s largest B2B media company. With a background in advertising agencies and dot-coms and B2B, Kyle has developed innovative digital strategies for numerous brands. He leads a hand-picked digital team, combining various digital elements like content, web, email marketing, video, podcasts, social media, lead generation, webinars and yes, even AI, into a cohesive digital portfolio that drives audience engagement and revenue for Annex’s 60+ B2B brands.

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B2B media brands serve a unique purpose, delivering high-quality content to audiences seeking specialized knowledge and solutions within their industries. At Annex Business Media, this is a privilege we’ll never take granted.

From an editorial standpoint, content is everywhere, and we thrive on finding the nuggets that produce excellent stories. Some of the best conversations come from boots-on-the-ground site visits or chatting over a cold one after a trade show. We thrive on learning about what keeps you up at night. We pour over market research to identify trends. We draw inspiration from industry suppliers who are innovating and developing new products and technologies to drive efficiency in your business. We work to develop in-depth features and resources to help you do your job better, spending weeks and months planning editorial calendars to align topics and themes with important times of year.

With each print issue, digital article, eNewsletter, podcast, webinar, event and social post, we strive to deliver unique, clear and thoughtful content to keep you abreast of industry happenings and make informed business decisions. Whether you’re a poultry farmer in Alberta, a logger in B.C. or part of the C-Suite in the GTA, we want to hear your story, and the content we created is designed with our community of readers in mind; intending to reflect your daily experiences, challenges and successes.

At the heart of our editorial philosophy lies a commitment to integrity, authenticity, and the unwavering trust from our readers. With generative artificial intelligence (AI) technology taking the world by storm in recent years, there’s lots of discussion in the media world around how tools like ChatGPT will change the way content is created. And it certainly has its merits – through sophisticated algorithms and machine learning capabilities, generative AI can streamline research, analyze data and draft outlines and scripts, and boost efficiency in our processes and planning. But, while we embrace innovative technology, one thing remains constant: it cannot replace human connection.

This means that while we may use generative AI to augment the work we do, like optimize headlines for higher search engine visibility, you can be assured that the content you’re reading in each of our 60+ B2B media brands is thoughtfully created by humans. The nuanced insights, creativity, research and expertise that our editorial team brings to each piece is irreplaceable.

Our commitment to you

Technology may shape the way we work, but as we continue to evolve in the digital age, we stand firm in our commitment to delivering high-quality, trustworthy and accurate content, created by humans. It is our audience’s knowledge and expertise, combined with the nuanced insights and creativity of our editorial teams, that truly breathes life into our pages and digital platforms.