Join Stacy Bradshaw and Kyle Shay of Annex Business Media as they interview Vesna Moore, Director of Audience Development & CASL Compliance Officer at Annex and discuss CASL, Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation!

CASL is the federal legislation dealing with spam and other electronic threats. If your company relies on email marketing to connect with clients and potential customers, this podcast is for you. Staying in CASL compliance not only mitigates your risk of incurring a penalty, but it’s a great opportunity to reevaluate the quality of your email list. And a quality list means higher engagement and conversion rates.

We’ve designed this course to be fun and engaging. So let’s skip the lectures and dive right into a recent episode of, “This is Annex: The Podcast,” where marketing professionals Kyle Shay, Digital Director, and Stacy Bradshaw, Digital Project Manager outline the latest best practices around email marketing.

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