Avert is Canada’s only media brand dedicated to informing the growing audience of professionals involved in disaster management.

With a focus on the work of emergency managers across the country, Avert covers the news, products, trends and issues impacting the sector, and provides a platform for experts to discuss best practices and lessons learned in disaster mitigation, preparation, response and recovery.

Editor / Associate Publisher: Maria Church
Web Site: Avert.ca

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The Trough provides livestock producers, animal nutritionists, veterinarians, suppliers, distributors, processors and other industry stakeholders with timely and relevant information related to livestock feed, grains and additives within North America.

The Trough is where science meets business in livestock nutrition; features and content will explore everything from export, markets, supply chains, consumer trends, policy and regulation, to research on animal health, crop mixes, grasses, specialty feeds and more. The Trough is published three times per year and complimented with eNewsletters, webinars, podcasts and more.

Group Publisher: Michelle Bertholet
Web Site: The-Trough.com

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Canadian Process Equipment & Control News – is Canada’s progressive magazine for processors, and a member of Canada’s process network, and is a part of Annex Business Media’s far-ranging network of media channels to the vital processing industries in Canada, which includes magazines, white paper exchanges, digital communications and web-based media.

Published six times per year, Canadian Process Equipment & Control News addresses the process products and technology information needs of more than 25,000 process engineers, managers, consultants, purchasing agents and R&D personnel. In addition, our e-news is emailed to more than 25,000 recipients.

Publisher: Martin McAnulty
Web Site: cpecn.com

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Food in Canada has been serving the Canadian food and beverage processing industry since 1940 through the print editions, foodincanada.com, weekly e-Newsletters and social channels Food in Canada is the leading resource to companies that develop, manufacture, process, package, distribute & market food & beverage products.

Food in Canada produces the annual Canadian Food Industry Report. A sector-by-sector snapshot of food and beverage processing and manufacturing industry performance and innovation. Sectors includes baked goods, dairy, seafood, meat & poultry, fruit & vegetable processing, confectionery, beverage, other food products, grain & oilseed milling and animal food.

Food in Canada also produces the annual Food in Canada Buyer’s Guide & Directory. A complete and up-to-date national directory of suppliers to the Canadian food and beverage processing industry that readers keep and refer to throughout the year.

Group Publisher: Martin McAnulty
Web Site: FoodinCanada.com

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Smart Homes is all about delivering current, insightful and entertaining information to Canadians interested in living a connected lifestyle. It focuses on the trends, technologies, and solutions that are enhancing the lifestyle of Canadians from coast to coast.

Using multiple channels – print, digital, social, video, podcasts, just to name a few — Smart Homes is read by consumers and home owners throughout Canada. The publication is delivered 2x a year to a cross section of high-income earners who subscribe to Annex Business Media’s various media brands.

Smart Homes will feature the latest information on the following technologies and solutions:

  • Smart Home Hubs & Controllers
  • Smart Home Surveillance Cameras
  • Smart Homes Locks and Home Security
  • Smart Heating & Cooling
  • Smart Kitchen Appliances
  • Smart Vacuums
  • Smart Health & Fitness Devices
  • Smart Outdoor Gadgets
  • Smart Entertainment (TV, Audio)

Group Publisher: Paul Grossinger
Web Site: CanadianSmartHomes.ca

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Talent Canada was established in 2019. It makes the business case for investing in HR to a new and critical audience – C-suite professionals and senior decision-makers at companies of all sizes across the country.

It’s not your typical human resources publication. It is designed to catch the attention of professionals who don’t hold HR titles but understand the value of people.

We have carefully compiled a CASL-compliant list of 50,000 C-suite professionals who are keen to learn more about what it takes to find and keep the best people.

HR has done a great job of convincing the senior management team of the importance of investing in solid people practices – Talent Canada provides a rare opportunity to put your message in front of this hard-to-reach audience and ensure you’re top of mind with everyone in the boardroom at decision time.

And yes – we also reach HR professionals.

Group Publisher: Anne Beswick
Web Site: Talent Canada

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RAStech is a global business media brand serving the emerging Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) sector. RAS is a land-based, closed loop aquaculture process that allows fish farmers to grow fish from eggs to market-ready fish without ever seeing open water. It may play a significant role in meeting the growing need for sustainable protein, and RAStech will follow its development every step of the way.

Published quarterly, RAStech builds off the expertise and credibility of the Hatchery International brand, and is coupled with the international conference and trade show RASTech, held in 2019 in Washington, DC.

Group Publisher: Anne Beswick
Web Site: rastechmagazine.com

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Top Crop Manager – East is the magazine of crop production and technology, a specialty agricultural trade publication distributed to Western Canada.


In the most general terms, our annual issues address agronomic and industry-related topics with an eye on what is to come in the next one to three years.

Specifically, we offer insights and in-depth information on plant breeding, research and development, fertility and nutrients, the seed and chemical industries, farm equipment, trends and technologies, markets and business management issues.

And there are a wide variety of value-added resources, including our annual Weed Control Guide and regular Machinery Manager features.

Our publication is also a trusted resource among government extension personnel, university researchers, certified crop advisors and industry stakeholders.

Group Publisher: Michelle Bertholet
Web Site: TopCropManager.com

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The Firehall Forum is an online resource, forum and community for Canadian firefighting and rescue personnel.


With more than 15 years of service and more than 21,000 registered users, Firehall.com has become an invaluable resource to anyone interested in the fire and rescue services. Also organizers of the annual Firefighter Career Expo.

Publisher: Adam Szpakowski
Web Site: Firehall.com

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Emballages, Les Nouvelles is a French-language quarterly published primarily for the Quebec packaging market.


Emballages covers the packaging function for the consumer-packaged goods industries, principally food, beverage, drug and household chemical.

Our publication focuses on in-plant interviews and photo-essays on best practices in food, beverage and drug processing plants. We cover plant operation, automation and package design/marketing.

Publisher: Stephen Dean
Web Site: Emballages, Les Nouvelles

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